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Making the Best Use of Customer Analytic Data

One of the more truly valuable assets is its ability to capture valuable data about your customers and their preferences, perceptions and purchasing behavior. Through our analytics and market research solutions, we develop a clear picture of today’s marketplace, and an accurate prediction of tomorrow’s trends. We combine this intelligence with our interaction channels to deliver customer views that help you optimize the extension of your brands, products, and services.

Our analytics and market research services include:

  • Satisfaction and loyalty surveys with every program. Our survey data uncover the drivers to customer satisfaction and loyalty, including the impact on product and service performance, and the success of the contact center to resolve customer issues.
  • Data analytics Based on a marketing approach designed around the life cycle of a customer and the different stages of the relationship our business partners have with that customer, we can connect with the consumer at each stage to enhance the relationship and maximize value over time. We integrate direct marketing solutions to improve performance and enhance customer experience. Align campaigns and product development more closely with the customers` needs, wants, and attitudes. Seek and retain the most profitable customers. Cross-sell and up-sell to increase customer lifetime value. Thus maximizing response and conversion rates combined with a comprehensive direct marketing proposition, which integrates all aspects of established and emerging marketing channels.Our analytic team will analyze customers’ hidden needs for products and services. It breaks down the population into segments of strategically similar individuals, enabling the development of relevant product offers and messages for successful marketing activities tailored to the individuals within each segment.
  • Real time trend and crisis alerts that help you proactively respond to issues and trends as they happen. You need to know immediately what is happening in your contact center. Obtain that critical data in customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports, faxed or emailed directly to you.
  • Corporate Image Study With expertise in marketing research, we have team of analysts who focus on corporate image study. Our customers include education, pharmaceutical, finance & insurance as well as beverage industries.