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Our solution is to HELP YOU REACH PATIENTS to DRIVE ADHERENCE FOR YOUR BRANDS We provide patient behavioral coaching through multi-channel patient education

Efficient Nurse Educators

The more involved patients are in their health care, the better their health outcomes. AffinityHealth-certified nurses create patient education activities with in-depth, hands-on application knowledge to lead patients adhere to medication. Home care visit and patient clinic/hospital program can be organized by our team experts

Contact Center

Healthcare contact center supports patients and caregivers. We provide the appropriate support for your campaign from enrollment to outreach.

Our professional staff receives extensive training in your brand’s goals and products, and employs techniques to further your business objectives.

Behavioral coaching allows your brand to personally connect with patients in order to uncover barriers to behavior change and then tailors conversations to overcome them and lead to medication adherence.

The contact center system is state-of-art technology that supports all multi-media contacts with 100% voice recording system.

IT Health Mobile Technology

Today′s new digital technologies allow you to provide dynamic and interactive content to patients via smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Integrate these technologies into your adherence programs will provide a true patient-centric solution. We invent AR (augmented reality) technology and health mobile application to enhance patient interactions.

Direct Marketing Campaign

The one-to-one marketing is another part of marketing tools to educate patients. AffinityHealth can provide direct mailing services with a full spectrum of direct-mail, fulfillment, database management and labeling.

On-line and Social Media Health Community

Changes in the healthcare system coupled with increased infiltration and use of the Internet have resulted in heavier reliance on the Internet for disease and health education. AffinityHealth has team of social media and on-line strategists to help in building on-line health communities and lead patients to share their experiences and treatment, as a result, it will provide patient insights and help marketers to design proper adherence program.

Analysis data & Patient insight

Understanding the effectiveness of your program, especially early in the process, is critical to your success. In-depth market analysis through patient adherence program will provide insight towards patient behavior. AffinityHealth develops patient record application and tools to help in data gathering, analysis and user-friendly report system.